Hello & Welcome! I am a custom portrait photographer in Alpena, MI. I specialize in family, children, couples and high School Seniors.

Here's my story...

It all started back in Jr. High School. I took my little Kodak camera everywhere I went... homecoming dances, basketball and volleyball games, to pep rallies, and family gatherings...etc. Afterwards I would save to my computer and order a 4x6 of each photo for a photo album. This continued through high school where I snapped pictures of my night out with friends. By the time high school was over I had stacks and stacks of photo albums.

My first year of college I was taking my basic courses being that I had no idea what I wanted to pursue as a career. I had thought maybe being a Pediatrician, a Teacher and once even thought a Dental Hygienist. As college went on I continued to take my basic classes and fun electives thinking it would fall into place. One of my electives was a basic photography course where I learned about black and white film photography. This is when I learned that Photography has been a passion of mine since I can remember so why not make it something more.

During my education at Alpena Community College, I learned that my passion for photography was more than just taking photos. It is the love I have for creating that special moment to stay forever in focus. I earned an Associate’s degree in Fine Arts and went to many other photography classes that are offered at the college.

I have been taking professional photos for more than 4 years in an outdoor or an indoor setting. I opened Photography by Jaime Rae “Forever in Focus” in 2008 as a part- time photographer. I shoot with a Nikon D600. I also invested in equipment and many props for an indoor setting for those who prefer the indoor style to their photos. I enjoy what I do and am thankful I can do what I love as my career!

Fun Facts!

-I am addicted to coffee; you know with extra flavor creamer and whipped cream.
-I find myself getting excited during photo shoots...I tend to say, "Yay, don't move, or this is GREAT!"
-My favorite models are my niece and nephew. As my nephew Carter (10 years old) would say, “Auntie Jaime am I going to get paid for this!”
-I am in love with Twix candy bars…I can’t get enough of them!
-My family means the world to me and most important my daughter Edyn Rae.
-My 2 best friends are my mom and my sister… of course!
-I am a Hair Designer at the "The Red Chair Salon" as well.
-My husband Nick means the absolute world to me…he makes me believe in myself.
-I would wear a robe all day, every day if possible.
-I enjoy kayaking along the Thunder Bay river.
-Love fuzzy soft socks.
-I have a cat named Chloe, 2 dogs named Huck and Finn
-I am a prop junkie!