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Baby M & Family Baby M | Alpena, MI Newborn Portrait Photographer



DSC_0677copyDSC_0677copy "this is my baby.. and I will protect her forever..."

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Beau & Harper Beau & Harper | Custom Portrait Photographer | Alpena, MI


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Avery turns 3 | Alpena, MI Lifestyle Photographer Avery Grace | 3 years old

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The M Family | Alpena, MI Portrait Photographer  






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Spring Mini Sessions | Alpena, MI Portrait Photographer Spring Mini Sessions

This years spring mini sessions were inspired with neutral tones, clean and simple is what I like to refer it too. 


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i Heart Faces | BLACK AND WHITE PHOTO CONTEST Avery | Alpena, MI Portrait Photographer

My niece Avery will be turning 3 very soon.  Usually I photograph her with backdrops and studio lighting but this time I wanted to step out of my box and capture some lifestyle photos of her.  I decluttered my bed and opened the blinds to find the perfect amount of sunlight glowing towards her face. 



This photo was submitted to the I Heart Faces photo challenge 


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Baby N | Alpena, MI Newborn Photographer Meet Baby N!

Baby Noah came to my studio with his mom and dad within the first week of his life.  He slept the whole time except towards the end when he decided to see what was going on. Noah is part of the "Watch me Grow" baby session which is exciting that I will see him for 6 months and when he turns 1. 




Are you expecting? Contact Jaime Rae via the contact form on her website


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Josh & Sandra are Awaiting a Baby Girl Back in February, I met a couple who are patiently waiting for their baby girl to arrive.  We met at the Duck Park where we captured shots in the snow and evergreens. Even though the atmosphere was beautiful the temperature was just was too frigid to hang out there their whole session so we finished up at my house.  

Sandra is one of those "moms-to-be" that is just glowing from head to toe.  Her smile in every photo is just beautiful. When I am expecting my first child I hope to look just like her, however I picture myself to waddle the whole time:)  This is Josh and Sandra's first child and the love that is already shown for this baby is amazing.  They are going to be great parents! 

In May, I will be looking forward to meeting their baby girl who they have named Amelia but in the meantime please take a look at this "mom-to-be", her growing belly, and of course soon to be daddy!



                                  DSC_6551copyDSC_6551copy DSC_6797copyDSC_6797copy





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Ella Last week I got a call from a mom who was looking to get family portraits taken as well as her daughter Ella's portrait.  She was very concerned on how soon I could fit them in my schedule being that her daughter Ella who is 4 years old was just diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia and she didn't know how much longer until her hair would slowly thin and fall out. After hearing the tremble in her voice I was lost for words but knew that I needed to fit them in my schedule as soon as possible.

A few days later after sanitizing door knobs and any props we may use for her, they came over and we were able to get some great family portraits and of course of just Ella. During their session, I wanted to keep Ella's condition quiet and just focus on her like any other session. I wanted her to feel extra special for one day without any worries. While photographing her, I learned that she has the sweetest smile, the prettiest eyes and she is full of strength and braveness. I have to admit she made me smile the whole time. One line that made me smile was when after about 10 minutes of her session she said, "Can we go to Culver's now?" I guess she was hungry and I know how I get when I am hungry too.

This session has touched my heart in so many ways. I could not imagine going through anything like this. I don't have children of my own but the thought of a small children being so brave to fight for her life brings sadness to my heart. I ask everyone to please pray for Ella as she and her family go through this horrible time in their life. I know I added them to my prayer list. With this being said, Ella's mom encourages everyone why it is so important to get professional portraits taken on a regular basis. Please don't hesitate to call me or another photographer in the area to capture at least 1 great family portrait to hang on your wall. These portraits will last a lifetime and I promise you, you wont regret it.











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Gordan & Amber's Snowy Engagement Session On February 8th, 2014 I had the pleasure to photograph my friend and her fiance at their home in Spruce. I am also one of the lucky ladies to celebrate their special day with them on June 28th, 2014 as I get ready to be a bridesmaid. During their session, we braved the cold and got some great photos outside in their backyard and then walked down the road to the lake where the view is breathtaking. 


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Happy Valentine's Day! Yesterday was my first Valentine's Day themed mini session ever.  My inspiration came from Pinterest as I browse under "photography" on a regular basis.  During my everyday late night search I came across some photos that were themed for Valentine's Day.  This was never on my list of mini sessions in the past but because I am a prop junkie my creative mind would not turn off resulting in no sleep. I think the outcome satisfied me!




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Snap On! db4ca2ca0aa0cdc97be23edcd423641c

[email protected] (Photography by Jaime Rae) Mon, 27 Jan 2014 00:46:03 GMT