When do you schedule sessions?

I like to schedule indoor photo sessions in the morning and afternoon during the week and on the weekends I would prefer to schedule in the morning on Saturday. Outdoor sessions I prefer to schedule before 11 a.m. and before the sun sets during the week and on weekends I prefer to schedule sessions before noon.  However, I am willing to schedule a time that best fits your family and the both of us.

What if it rains on my schedule day?

If it rains…no biggie! We will reschedule for the next available day that works for both of us. Your deposit will be carried over.

If I need to cancel, can we reschedule?

Of course! Your deposit carries over one time (not including the weather) and after that you will be required another deposit to hold your date.

When do I schedule newborn sessions?

Newborns are best when photographed 4-14 days old. So I would schedule ahead of time if possible to save your day.