What to expect?

During our session you will experience a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Your session lasts for 1, 2 or 3 hours depending on the session you choose so I want you to feel comfortable around me to where you can be yourself as I am myself around you. If you have a suggestion or an idea feel free to tell me, I love new ideas!  I suggest that you arrive 10-15 minutes early to discuss any questions or comments you may have or if there are children involved, I can bond with before your session. If there are newborns involved I expect to take breaks when needed. I understand that newborns need time for feedings and cuddle time. Also with children I understand there will be meltdowns so a small break is understandable. Maybe bring their favorite blanket or toy just in case they need a little security.


Maternity: What to wear?

                    -Denim jeans
                    -Skirts and maxi dresses (I have a few maternity dresses in studio)

                    -Simple tank tops
                    -Avoid patterns and logo


                 What to bring to session?

                    -Sonogram photos(s)
                    -Bring home baby outfit
                    -Baby shoes
                    -Anything that you would like to be photographed.


Newborns: What to wear?

                      -Newborns are best photographed nude or in a simple onsie or pants.
                      -Avoid patterns and logos.
                      -Fun hats and headbands make a great prop. (I will have my collection on hand as well)

                      What to bring to session?

                      -Anything that you want in the photo feel free to bring.



Family | Couples | Children: What to wear?

                                                           -Avoid patterns and logos
                                                           -Avoid the same color shirts instead choose fall colors and bright summer colors.
                                                           -Avoid dressing the same instead choose to complement each other.
                                                           -Accessories such as scarfs, hats, rain boots, cowboy boots, tutus, headbands.

                                                   What to bring?

                                                           -Props such as antique family items, a special blanket or toy.
                                                           -Anything that you would like to be photographed.



 High School Senior: What to wear?

                                         -Avoid patterns and logos.
                                         -Accessories such as scarfs, hats, rain boots, cowboy boots, headbands.
                                        - High School jersey or jacket.

                                    What to Bring?

                                         -Jersey or High School Jacket
                                         -Football, baseball...etc.